Mann Older Adult Community Center

 This project includes an assessment of existing building/systems conditions; programming/phasing; expansion/reorganization of the Older Adult Center and the Rec Center involving substantial renovation of the interior. Basic building repairs and deferred maintenance include: new replacement windows, new roofing, upgrades to the building’s HVAC, electrical, life safety systems. Improvements to building-wide accessibility including handicapped accessibility to the 2nd floor renovated handicapped accessible toilet rooms. Improvements include relocation of a playground and after-school program to allow the Older Adult Center access to a semi-enclosed outdoor activity area. Reconfiguration of and refurbishing of the baseball, soccer and football fields and basketball courts. 

SF: 37,800

Cost: $10,000,000 in Phases

North Central Phase II Development

 Much has evolved over the years in North Philadelphia where Gilded-Age opulence and industry yielded to factory closings, poverty and crime. Making it great again is possible, but not easy. And so the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) pushes on with another herculean effort to revitalize a formerly forlorn neighborhood east of Temple University. The North Central Phase II rental housing development.

SF: 123,000


Cost: $29,500,000

Allegheny West


A key part of our overall community revitalization strategy is to promote economic development. AWF uses a multi-pronged approach in our efforts to develop the economic base of our neighborhood. Guided by the finding of our recently-completed neighborhood plan, our strategy is to focus on:

  • Development of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

  • Improvement of public transportation hubs in our community.

  • Creation of an actively involved community member and business owner base.

  • Creation of employment opportunities.

  • Physical improvement of buildings and streets.

SF: 55,300

Cost: $13,400,000